Thursday, 25 September 2014

#103. Grow Something to Eat

I have never been a gardener. My poor memory and lack of any routine mean that my plants always end up decidedly grey and drooping. However, this was made a whole lot easier by my choice to grow mushrooms with this helpful kit.
The box was a bit pricey at £18, which is alright considering I'll get another 3 crops, but it still works out at £4.50 a crop. Considering I've never grown food before though, and the fact that I can use the soil as compost later and get a 15% discount next time, I'm not really too fussed, but this is probably not a buy for any experienced gardeners. If you live in the city or don't garden, however, this is actually quite fun and rewarding.
The mushrooms grow over a period of two weeks but this crop actually took around 9 days before the caps began to turn. The beginning stages were pretty gross. That said the finished mushrooms were DELISCIOUS and I was pretty happy with the final amount.  
Eu nunca estive um jardineiro. Meu memorario ruim e minha falta de rotina significa que minhas plantas sempre tornar-se cinzas e caídas. Contudo, este kit util, tomo tudo mais facil.
Esta um pouco caro para £18, mas eu vou obter outro tres a quarto colheita (Embora, isto é £4.50 para uma colheita). Considerando que nunca cultvei comida, e o facto que eu posso a usar o solo reutilazado como compost organico, e terei um desconto de 15% de proxima vez, tudo bem. Contundo, se você está um jardineiro regular é  provalmente não para voce, mas se você vive na cidade ou não jardina, isto é muito diversão e gratificante.
Os cogumelos crescem por perido do duas semanas  mas esta colheita crescera em nove dias. No inicio estava bruto. Contudo, os cogumelos definitivos estava DELICIOSO e estive muito feliz com o quantidade definitivo.

Friday, 19 September 2014

#52. Speak Portuguese

I have a plan. After watching a video on TedX Talks on 'How to learn any language in sixth months', I've decided to put it to the test. I have to say that the video wasn't really revolutionary in explaining how to do this, however, it was encouraging, and it emphasised the fact that it is necessary to use it for relevant tasks. So this got me thinking; Why don't I use my blog to do exactly that! It's common for bilingual blogs to include a translated version of their text, normally below the posts. And so over the next few weeks I will attempt to translate my old posts, and any new posts that follow.

Depois de ver o video da TedX Talks (Aprender qualquer idioma em seis meses), Eu tenho um plano.  Devo dizer que o video não é muito revolucionário de explicar como a aprender qualquer idioma, porém, ele foi encorajador, e é destacado o facto de que é necessário utilizer para relevente funções. Então, eu pensava; porque não uso meu blog para exatamente isso!
É comum encontrar bilingue blogs a tem o texto traduzido (normalmente debaixo). Então nas próximas semanas farei o meu melhor para traduzir meus antigo postagens de blog, e os novos.


Também, se você fala Português, não hesite em contactar-me nos commentarois.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

#113 Stick to a Skincare Regime

In the spirit of new years resolutions I've decided to set myself the type of challenge that works to improve myself in a realistic manner.
I've been really interested in a lot of beauty blogs on and off for some time. My favourites ones like, a model recommends and thewanderlustproject often go into depth about the importance of a good skincare regime, so I've decided to follow suit and set up my own, which I will attempt to stick to.
I may try and splash out later for some serums, masks and so on, but for now I've stuck to these basic products:

St Ives Apricot Scrub; Dr Bronner's Baby Soap Bar; I've used the liquid version of Dr ronner's before and found it worked as a good basic cleanser. The baby product is meant to be a lot gentler, which is great because it's still quite drying. The girl at the till also said she used it on her dog so I guess that's another plus!; Simply Pure Refreshing Toner by Superdrug; Garnier Pure Toner, for oily days; Garnier Moisture Match; Carmex Lipbalm

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#99 Make a Magazine Holder #47 Make a Pouch

Book Holder, Lemonade Vase and Lavender Pouch in Place

I had a free afternoon today so I decided to put it to good use and start making some things from the list.
I ended up; making a book holder, a phone charger holder, a lavender pouch and recycling an old lemonade bottle, in attempt to prettify and organise my room.
I found a tutorial for the phone charger from makeit-loveit.
In my case I got an old fairy detergent bottle and use bright fluorescent yellow spray paint, I'd bought earlier, to decorate.
The book holder was much easier and simply involved cutting and folding an old cereal box. Heads up to anyone attempting this, cereal boxes are not generally A4 in size.
 To anyone reading this hope you're having a good week, and I highly recommend prettifying your room with flowers, bright colours and haphazard book holders.
Before and After

Saturday, 13 September 2014

#5 Own a Pair of Dr. Martens

Because sometimes

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Explore Creativity in the Digital Age

Made You Look documentary trailer from Look and Yes on Vimeo.

#112 Come Up With A Working Work Wardrobe

So I've completed a somewhat workable work outfit after trawling around quite happily on pintrest and lookbook for inspiration. The whole look is centred around some autumn winter staples; jumpers and boots, with my favourite kind of basics.
After having finished my collage I felt rather sick with myself. Not that I don't like a good polyvore, in fact I love a good polyvore which is probably why I've attempted one, but it was more the fact that to actually now stick to this regimented clothing shopping list seems slightly shallow, and yet now that I'm looking at it, it's not, it's just good old fashioned obsessive organization.

From left to right: 1. Blue and Red MuJi pens 2. MuJi A6 hardback notebook 3. Monki Cardigan 4. Uniqlo dress 5. Uniqlo shirt 6. Original 8 hole Dr. Martens 7. BZR mohair jumper 8. Black MuJi Pen 9. Denim Uniqlo Shirt 10. Black Uniqlo Long Sleeved T 11. Monki Earrings 12. 6 Hole Dr. Martens 13. Uniqlo Dark Grey Cardigan 14. New Look Tights 15. Monki Scarf 16. Monki Mittens 17. Monki Beanie 18. Asos Gingham Skirt 19. Pink Mohair Jumper and Gold Watch (yet to be found)